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Single core vs Dual core Vs Quad Core vs. Hexa core Vs. Octa Core vs Deca Core processor [Multicore processor]

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Do you know Single core, Dual core, Quad Core, Hexa core, Octa Core and Deca Core processor difference? Get the answer in simple way.

If we want to buy a smartphone, PC or laptop then first we will be check the  specifications of it. While checking ,we will get all the details about the processor . For example, let us consider a  core processor that may be ‘dual core processor’ or ‘quad Core processor’ or some other processor. A doubt may exists ‘What it actually mean?’ and ‘Which processor has the best performance over the device?’


I will explain this in a simple way. Imagine a highway road with heavy traffic, if suppose the road is a one-way mode means then all the vehicles should follow one by one like a chain. This may take a long time to reach vehicles destination. If that situation is replaced by two-way mode, it is much easier for the vehicle to reach their destination on time when compared to one-way mode. On the other hand, a bridge or an alternative way can even make the vehicle to reach its destination earlier.
The same thing is happening in case of a processor. Let we consider the road as core and vehicle as data transmission. Increasing the number of cores, makes the device to work on multitasking, and increases its performance.

For this purpose, the device needs multi-core to start the process. Since today there is 6 Core processor available for the devices. They are:



1.Single core processor: Single means one. (i.e.) One core is used for processing all data transmission.

2. Dual-core processorDual means Two. (i.e.) Two various cores are used in a processor to process and transmit all data.

The Dual Core conveys to a CPU where there are 2 flawless administrator cores one physical processor. It is connected to two processors and integrated circuit (silicon chip) with their cache and cache controllers.

3. Quad-core processor: Quad represent Four. (i.e.) Four various cores are used in a processor to process and transmit all data.

A quad-core processor chip is a 4 autonomous unit chip that reads and performs CPU algorithms, like branch & migration data. In the chip, each center works with other circuits such as memory management, cache & input/output ports. Different cores with a quad-core processor can perform multi-tasks at the same time and can increase the overall speed of co-processing console programs.

4. Hexacore processor: Hexa defines Six. (i.e.) Six various cores are used in a processor to process and transmit all data.

Hexa-Core has added multi-core processor that arrives with 6-core processes and has the ability to do the job faster than dual-core and quad-core processors. Intel has already introduced the i7 Hexa-Core processor in 2010. Most smartphone companies use only the Dual Core and Quad Core processors, but this smartphone may be new to users. Some smartphones have been launched with HEXA-core processors.

5. Octa-core processor: Octa means Eight. (i.e.) Eight various cores are used in a processor to process and transmit all data.

 Eight-core processors at cores, which are a quad-core processor. The improved octa-core processors now have two collections of quad-core processors. In most cases, the collection of cores is occupied by less powerful tasks. If you need high-level tasks, the fastest set of 4 cores will take. An exact space above the Octa-core, then it is confusing as a “dual quad-core processor” & it is almost not sold. So, this is the Octa-Core.

6. Deca core processor: Deca means ten. (i.e.) Ten various cores are used in a processor to process and transmit all data. MT6797 Helio X20 is the first invented deca core processor.

Now you would have got a clear idea that on increasing the number of core, the performance and its ability to do multitasking to increases. Gamers or the people who work with multitasking especially need high core processor for their PC or mobile. If you are using your device for a single purpose like for Phone calls, the text there is no need to go for the advanced processor. Single Processor is enough in that case.

From the above picture shows you the quality of the game in a quad core and octa-core. Not only Processor, RAM is also responsible for a processor to perform its work faster. Deca core processor devices are less in the market and it is very expensive. Generally, I suggest you quad core because it is enough to perform most of the games in the faster way at the cheapest price.

The people who play master gaming like 10 games at a time can choose Deca core processor. Obviously, we won’t do that activity in usual.

Cross check between RAM and Core:

  • Dual core in 1GB is not equal to the Dual core in 2GB.
  • Like the same Octa-core in 1GB is not equal to Octa-core in 2GB.
  • Consider 2 GB RAM Quad core device and 1GB RAM octa-core device. In this case, octa-core processor device is slower than quad core because the process depends on RAM also.

Deca core smartphone :

You can get other advanced smart phones:

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