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Today message: Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Fitbit Alta Hr released in March 11, 2017. It has a goal to make you fit and Stylish. Let see what are the features, design, application and accessories for fitbit Alta Hr.  This is a successor of Fitbit Alta. You can wear it in horizontal as well as vertical direction by using different strap.

Features of Fitbit Alta Hr : 
Fitbit alta Hr mainly concentrate on your fitness. You can go with alta Hr tracking by
  • By using a three Axis accelerometer it tracks all day activities by watching your steps, how many distance you crossed, how much calories burned, gym activity minutes and your hourly activity with stationary time by just tapping the display shows at those things.
  • heart rate monitor is available in it. The previous Fitbit Alta not having this facilty.
  • It has some reminder that reminds you to get refresh and that makes you active full day.
  • Automatic exercise record feature is present in alta Hr. It track your workout in smart way without pushing any button.
  • Tap display.
  • Notifications or alerts are displayed for calls, text and calendar. if you not notice that notification at the time it will disappear and not able to fetch it again.
  • The charge availability is up to 5 days without charging it.
  • Wristbands are available to improve your personality.
  • It has silent alarm that wakes up you in peaceful way, Auto sleep tracking and variety of clock faces for both horizontal and vertical.
  • You can set reminder for your goals.
Price :

$149.95 USD and  Rs.14,999.

Design of Fitbit Alta HR:

Alta HR is mainly noticed by everyone for its design. It consists of 3.5 cm in length and 1.2 cm width display. Alta HR comes with OLED display that means it doesn’t have any button to operate. we can operate just by tapping the top or sides of the display and it will respond to your tap.The display screen shows you the text, email, calls and the calendar. It has interchangeable bands and the straps are easily removable one.

It comes in three wrist band comes in three colors:

  • Black
  • Gold and
  • Soft Pink

The wrist band also have three different size:

  • small consists of 140mm – 170mm.
  • large consists of 170mm – 206mm.
  • xtralarge consists of 206mm –  230mm

The bands of fitbit alta hr comes in three stylish and luxurious model such as Black, Gold and Pink band.

Battery and charging:

It can use for five days with one time charging. To avoid the charging issue prevent the fitbit charging contacts present in the backside of the alta hr from accumulation of dirts. Clean it periodically by using soft brush. Don’t allow the battery to dry or extreme charge. If you keep follow this instruction correctly then it can hold good quality of charging.

  • To charge alta hr plug on end to the USB port and other end to back of alta hr. The battery icon in the display shows you that the battery is charging.
  • To monitor battery level you can use fitbit app or fitbit.com dashbord.

Heart Rate monitoring Sensor.

Water Resistance ( Waterproof) :
  •  When doing workout the device is not affected by sweat.
  • Rainproof.
  • You can swim or shower with your Alta Hr.

You can sync with mobile using bluetooth to receive call and text notifications.

Fitbit App:
  • You can able to download the fitbit app to your mobile phone along with alta hr that shows your full health documentation such as sleeping hours, weekly exercise, activity and you steps.
  • you can customize the calendar settings, hardness, wrist, clock face for both horizontal and vertical, Alarm, notification and reminders.
Notification :
  • After completing your goal the congratulatory works displayed on your display.
  • I motivates you to complete your task by cheering you up on the screen with  “still 30 to more” like that.
  • you can customize minutes,days or weekly basis.

The fitbit hr shows you the 100 percent accurate documentation of your health and fitness when compared to others. Even in automatic connecting activities such as biking and how many pedals they have lists. This is top one to choose for your fitness.This is only supports for fitness activity but not the sports event. For such kind of events you have to choose different one to make that accuracy.

Display of the fitbit hr can easily get scratch. so protect it by a screen protector. Here i’m going to show you some the best screen protector.

Customized Feature given below for your Reference:

SEE HERE : Fitbit Alta HR $149.95 in Amazon
Additional Accessories :

you can buy

  • Screen Protector
  • Strap
  • Battery Extender
Screen Protector

– Display of the fitbit hr can easily get scratch. So protect it by a screen protector. Here i’m going to show you some the best screen protector. There are lots of screen shield, i suggest two for you.

  1. Ace Armor shield – Which has shelf healing and hd quality screen protector that makes to look your alta hr  transparent
  2. Rino Gear premium HD- This is also one invisible screen protector that support good to your alta hr.
Fitbit Strap :

Even it has good band with its own version people want to have different strap for alta hr.

  1.  Moko Stainless steel bands – It looks like a chain bracelet for your wrist.
  2.  wearlizer mesh smart watch – It gives beautiful golden finish stainless steel chain strap for you.
Battery Extender :

I dont have idea about extender for alta hr but there are some extender available other fitbit products. If you know the thing just comment it below the article.

Even it has good features but it not supports for email and some other things such as heart beat rate, stair climbing, music playlist , personalised breathing session and it doesn’t support for gps etc.

Stay tuned for other products review.

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