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Uber CEO: Humanoid robots will deliver pizza and AI chatbots to be in self-driving cars.

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Uber who is the leading transport network company tends to move with lot of innovative project nowadays. It has been reached appreciative growth over the period of 7 years. Travis Kalanick founder of uber speaks about the upcoming automation plan of uber at the World Government Summit this Monday in Dubai. He says that this humanoid robot (which resembles like human body) can able to deliver pizzas to the customer while the driverless uber car which has artificial intelligent chatbots can drive the car without human.

Initially he speaks about the driverless vehicles become autonomous in uber. And he said that “now imagine a car without driver carrying pizzas means how you will get that? It is complicate for the people to get down from their stairs when the stay in flats with high raises buildings. So people need a humanoid robot to get their food in upstairs. This humanoid robot will do this work. It will deliver pizza in your hand in front of door itself.

He also speaks about the lack of drivers for the users and it is difficult for the user to get a driver instantly. This artificial intelligent uber car will solve this problem in future.

He also explained that there is a question raised in everyone that if the cars not having driver means who do I talk to? And the answer is you can talk to Chabot which is an AI agent to get connect to the car.

Uber invest high amount for the project to bring it to the market. And also he explains about 5 to 10 years project plan in that summit.

More than 60 billion dollars are valued for the projects also it launched some other features uber Eats, food delivery services also using its transport network.


Other Projects:

It is also noted that uber hire some 30 years veteran NASA engineers to develop flying cars. And the company named this flying car project as “Uber Elevate”.

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