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Best Robotic Vaccum Cleaner: Roomba 650 vs Eufy vs iLife A4 [Latest] [2018]

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Have some confusion in choosing the good vaccum cleaner for your home? The following details helps you to get a best one.

What is new in Roomba, Eufy and iLife A4?

In 2002, Irobot launched their first robot vacuum named ROOMBA. It features a set of basic sensors that enable it to change direction upon encountering obstacles, to detect steep drops & dirty spots on the floor and able adapt to perform more creative tasks using an embedded computer in conjunction with the Roomba Open Interface.

It created a visual landmark among the customers that it is the best in the market. The only drawback is it’s expensive. It costs around $800.
My mission is to find the supreme robot vacuum under $300 Since low price vacuum comes with equally low quality. I will achieve this by making a comparison test with three highest rated robots for a month. This article will give a conclusion that which robot will be supreme at the end. The three robots have taken for comparison race they are Roomba 650, iLife A4 and EnfyRoboVac11.

Let see the shortest comparison in better understandable form by below tabular column.

Battery capacity with stand up to 1 hour

Comparision Table:

Roomba Eufy iLife A4
Highest Price Moderate Price Lowest
Little Big Small compared to Roomba Shortest
Heavy Weight Lighter Weight than Roomba Light Weight
Navigation System present in it. No navigation signal present No navigation signal present
Battery life with stand for 3 hours Battery life (2 hours) Battery life (2 hours)
Small Dustbin Bigger Dustbin Bigger Dustbin
Louder queiter Moderate sound
Can be Operated via Remote Here too works with Remote Here too
Perform Good Perform Better Perform Better


All this three robots have a docket feature, which enables you to set the time when the robot has to clean your home automatically in a daily routine. These robots will find their docking station by themselves and charge when their battery drains off. These robots are stranded often since they need to be insight of the docking station infra red signal. I would suggest that it will be better if they work with Wi-Fi or RF signal so that they won’t get stranded.

I assumed that they would fall down the stairs if there is a need to vacuum the second floor, but they proved that my assumptions are fallacious. They can easily handle any type of floors and carpets. But these robots are not capable of recalling your home layout. And from my test, I estimated the battery life is around three hours for all the three robots.

These robot vacuums need to be maintained occasionally since the dustbin attached to it has to be emptied and the filters associated with it have to be blown out and the brush has to be cleaned. And these robots won’t work in black coloured floors or carpets. Since the stair sensors associated with the robots assume they are falling off if they encountered black colour.There are some garden robots also there in the market.

Let see advantage and disadvantage of this three irobot in detail below:

  1. ROOMBA : 


  •  Roomba has a navigation system.When it detects a dirt the green light presented in the vacuum will be turned on and it will start its cleaning until the area is clean.
  •  It has a good battery. It last around three hours. Different cleaning schedules can be given to the robot for each day of the week. The other two vacuums provide only one set of the daily schedule.
  • A virtual wall can be set in Roomba, through which we can restrict the areas where Roomba don’t want to enter. This virtual wall will send off an infra red signal and the Roomba won’t go beyond it after reading it.


  • When compared to the three, Roomba is quite louder. It won’t be a problem if we are using it when we are out, but it will be an issue if we are using it when we are at home. And it will cause an issue with neighbours if you are located in upper floor apartment.
  • And the dust bin associated with Roomba is very small and it makes the cleaning process difficult when it is full. Remote facility is not provided in Roomba. When we need it we have to manually do it on Roomba.
  •  And Roomba is expensive. And it is weightier when compared to the other two vacuum.And there is no categorization for cleaning in different modes.

Short Pros of Roomba650:

  • It supports well for Alexa and a phone app.
  • Easy to use.
  • Three part of cleaning (Agitates, Brushes, and Suctions)
  • Automatic recharge.

Short Cons of Roomba650:

  • Poor Navigate
  • Noisy

Note: Roomba690 is more compatible than Roomba650

2. EUFY:


  • Eufa is not much expensive when compared to Roomba.It cost around $220.And it has four different cleaning modes.It is advisable to set automatic mode so that it will decide by its own.
  • It is provided with a remote facility which is not available in Roomba. All the scheduling can be handled with the remote. And it is not louder like Roomba, even in its maximum it will be quieter.
  •  The suction in enfy is good. It has a good navigation when compared to Roomba and iLife.And it is lighter than Roomba.And the dustbin is also larger and easy to empty it.


  • The replacement parts like brushes and filters cannot be easily bought.It comes with only one set of brush and filter set.
  •  Many people don’t have any issues with the scheduling feature. The clock associated with the eufy vacuum can be reset by taking out the batteries and to start it again. The main thing is that it’s not a Wi-Fi or RF signal, so it has to be in direct view.The beep on the robot indicates that the schedule has been successfully reset.
  • And another one problem which I noticed in my case is, eufy always got stuck into the huge vent which is located at the corner of my home. But eufy didn’t get stuck to vents which are smaller and not placed near corners.

    3.iLIFE A4


  • It is not expensive like Roomba.It cost around $200 which is $100 cheaper than the Roombas.
  •  It can get under any furniture since it is shortest and the lightest when compared to the other two robots. Runs quieter when compared to Roomba but not as quite as Eufy.
  •  It works well on thick carpets and knows when to increase the suction power. If your house contains a lot of thick carpeting , then it is advisable to choose this vacuum.


  •  Since it is too small, it often stuck under the desk. The battery life is not long when it is used under “max” suction mode.
  • And it doesn’t work well on hardwood floors. In my case, my house is fully made up of wood floors and it didn’t work well.
  •  All the parts are felt to be cheaply made that includes the remote too.

Let see Highlights of A4

  • Superior Battery
  • IR Sensors
  • Side Brushes
  • HEPA Filtration
  • Remote Control

Short Cons of A4:

  • Sometimes stuck somewhere, we need to restart.
  • Not suited for heavy cleaning.

Depends on your home type you can pick any one of this three. These three products are better from one another in differ

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