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[Solved] openload.co/pair or olpair.com or Openload Pair Kodi error?

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All the Kodi users are aware of using video addon on Kodi. That helps us to watch movies, TV shows, sports, etc via Kodi. Some people get this confusion while they try to open videos via add-ons like the Exodus, SALTS, etc. Because it will display a list of server availability for streaming purpose. In the list, you will notice openload server.

If you select the openload server for streaming, then a new pop up arise on the top of that. Which ask for ‘openload pairing’. You have to provide https://openload.co/pair stream authority in it.

I fixed this openload pairing underway. You can make use of it.

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What is openload.co pair Kodi error?

The following screenshot shows you the popup of openload server stream authorization.

This openload server gives you one message as follows

To play the video, authorization is required Visit the link below to authorize your device on the network: https://olpair.com then click ‘pair’

This message stops you from streaming activity of particular video or some TV shows. This is not a difficult one to get solved. If you follow the below steps correctly, then it will take only 5 Minutes to get fixed.

What Is the Purpose Of Openload Pairing?

“Let consider yourself as a school tutor. If all of your students ask you questions/queries at the same time means, then What will you do?. You stop everyone and ask your students to deliver the questions one by one right”. In the same way, Openload Pairing acts here the role of tutor.

Consider openload server hosting a TV show which has great demand. The all the users try to access the show at the same time. Due to this heavy load traffic on the server, it stops the services to avoid crashing. If you need to access that show then you have to pair your IP address by the use of openload.co/pair which is shortly known as olpair.

How Often Do I Have to join up with Open Load?

After the completion of the above process, you can able to access the TV show or any other videos for next 4 Hours. At once your 4 hours expired then you need to register again to enjoy your videos.

Is Openload.co/Pair Safe?

Obviously, my answer is No. The reason behind this is all the streaming activities such as movies, TV shows, videos, sports etc are illegal on grounds of copyright issues.

If you want to make safe then VPN connectivity which has VPN service like IPVanishBy using this you can able to hide your IP address and you can continue your streaming activity.

Hope you now understand why we need openload pairing. Let we check the steps to fix the Error.

How To Fix Openload Pair Kodi Error?

  • Step 1: If you are streaming a movie by use of exodus a pop up get raised. That asks you to load all the server.
  • Step 2: Choose the Openload server from the server list. Now the above shown Openload server error appears that asks you to stream the authority for openload.co.
  • Step 3: For this, you have to open https://olpair.com that show your present IP address on the screen. In that, you have to click “Active Streaming”.

Note: The above image shows Pair your device to use openload with 3rd party application. Which also shows the details of

how often you have to pair?(4 hours).

Confirmation of captcha to predict from machine pairing.

  • Step 4: The following screen shows you the detail such as Pair your device to use openload with third-party Applications. In that screen clear all the captcha related questions in the usual way and click on pair button.

If the pairing activity gets over (Success), then you can able to view the videos for next 4 hour.

Another Method to Fix Openload Pair Kodi Error:

If the above method does not work for you then you can do this way of steps coming up.

Step 1: Go to Addon.

Step 2: In that select Video Add-ons. You will see the list of Add-ons there. In that, you can see Exodus addon.

Step 3: Right-click on it.

Step 4: Select Settings. A Window gets open.

Step 5: Go to Playback option.

Step 6: In that turn off the Hosters with captchas option then ‘OK’ it.

Note: Make sure that you are connected to the internet while fixing this issue. It may any kind of source.

Final words:

Kodi is good technology that helps to keep everything in a simple manner. Hope your error get rid off now. If you have more queries to ask then fill it in below comment box. You will get answered by our experts.

Suggestions: You can enable an ad-blocker to stop unwanted popup during the pairing process.

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Enjoy the videos now 😉

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