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OnePlus 3T Blue color variant could be announced on this March 15

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In last there was a talk about the OnePlus Dark Night Black color variant release. But now OnePlus tweeted in its twitter page that says “Something is about to go down with @oneplus & @coletteparis – stay tuned.” They hint the point that by symbolic that OnePlus 3T Blue color variant could be announced by tomorrow (15th march 2017).

The following shows of the tweet of OnePlus .

We know that OnePlus already have a partnership with Colette from its versions OnePlus 2, X and 3.


Instead of graphite color the model released in gunmetal color for OnePlus3T. OnePlus3 released in Gold color version

See here the attractive offer of OnePlus 3T in Amazon:

Many companies works on this color selection option to increase their attractive look with the customers and also to increase the product sale. You can see here the other products such as Blackberry , Hauwei and LG here.

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