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Lithium ion Pioneer Introduces New Battery That is Three Times Better than Previous.

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Lithium ion Pioneer Introduces New Battery by 95 year old scientist who is in the below figure :John Goodenough

John Goodenough who is the co-inventor of lithium ion battery has developed a new battery with his team. This new battery is the solid state one. The formula used in this battery is to replace the old liquid electrolyte by glass. And he explains that it would charge faster and quick, it never explode even it is used in low temperatures. So it seems to be better than the liquid state battery.

In the journal Energy & Environmental Science published the recent research that would clearly explained the research process of the newly lithium ion battery. And now it is in the starting stage only. John Good enough is the man of 94 years old shows his full attention in this project.

 In 1980 he originates the cobalt-oxide cathode that is placed inside the lithium-ion batteries. That acts main in the smart phone world to act better from explosion and other defects. So it is called as big transistor in the electronics revolution.


The project reports from the team states that the replacement of liquid by sold state glass as an electrolyte that – cause the electrons to traverse when charging and discharging the battery- eliminates the possibility. And at the same time the glass one get cheaper than the lithium which is a rare one. This invention helps better in the batteries historical reference.


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