What is 5G|How Does 5G Work|Difference Between 4G And 5G [Latest]

Every country technology is mostly based on Internet only. So it acts as a backbone of technology. People from every country need internet for their every purchase. Till now we are using 4G to get high speed of Internet.

International telecommunication Union which is shortly known as ITU includes the full details and all specifications of upcoming 5G Technology. It is expected to get 100 MB/sec up download speed and 50 MB per second of uploading speed.

What is 5G and how it is differ from 4G?

We know that G stands for generation. Initially technology of wireless starts from 1G before 1990 later In years 2G was introduced people for sending text messages via mobile phone.

After that Technology kicks off 2G, 3GP that how’s the people to make a call send text and helps to browse Internet via mobile and computers. Lastly we reached 4G in long term evolution (LTE) in faster way. Till now 4G is faster Internet we are using in our daily life. 4G can able to transfer one GB/sec. 5G comes with highest speed Internet compared to 4G. This makes the user to work with Internet even faster. They can use this 5G Technology for connecting Internet with the devices such as smart mobile phones, smart watches, home appliance which are using Internet like smart fridge, cars extra.. As like 4G, 5G is also comes with inbuilt wireless connection facility that gives in a bandwidth to the connection.

In what way 5G helps for the user?

This  wireless Internet connection can be used in your phone are in your computer and 5G going to act as a backbone for so many inert devices. It can help more to security cameras and door locks also. Strategic states that by 2020 there will be 20.8 billion devices get connected by the 5G Technology internet connection.
Currently only 6.4 billion devices the world get Connected by the Internet connection. The basic foundation of 5G comes from 4G LTE.

Disadvantages of 4G can come over by 5G.

While In downloading or uploading the network  can get disrupted by some other things which shown below make the signal weak. It may be Wi-Fi signal, microwave signal or due to high rise buildings. 5G Technology can overcome all this disadvantages of 4G.

How 5G Works?

It uses the same way of 4G and 3G technology with little modifications.

3G and 4G standard telecom uses two way radios for sending and receiving. 4G uses 20 MHZ of bandwidth. For Example if you call your friend means, the voice you speak converted into electrical signals and the signal is transmitted to signal tower nearby in the form of radio wave. From the mobile tower this radio wave get transmit to your friends mobile phone. If your friend answers the process carry in vice versa.

In this similar way 5G also process but for data’s like videos, images etc. The data’s get transmit by your side is converted to electrical signal and reach your nearby tower and transmit in the form of radio waves. In 5G higher radio frequencies are allocated to the data. 5G uses 6GHZ of bandwidth for transmitting. This bandwidth is higher than the 4G LTE. Because of this higher allocation it can able to transmit large data or information like videos, images in a greater speed. It is otherwise massively called as MEMO (Multiple In Multiple Out) technology. This 5G technology helps the user to get download an ultra HD movie in a fracture of second. At the same time you can able to share the internet with multiple people without any delay.

Now a question will arise in your mind, ‘When will i get this 5G?
5G is Available From:

Every country telecom services try to make use of this technology for their service to the customer.

In United States: Two big Service Provider Verizon and AT&T came out of this 5G technology.

  1. Verizon

This technology is already available in some areas of US. In MWC Verizon announced it trail service of 5G get started over the locations of Texas, New Jersey and Oregon.

  1. AT&T

AT&T also announced that soon they will provide the 5G technology to their customers and they also announced that they started their testing trail process in their own labs itself. AT&T customers are also eagerly waiting for their announcement.

In India:

India which is in number one position of internet usage now also starts to adopt 5G technology. TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) chairman RS Sharma speaks about the 5G. He said that “5G is an exciting area where application domains are going to be hugely diverse. It is a fantastic technology. As a country India must leverage it as soon as possible so as to solve some of our developmental problems”.

  1. Huawei

The Indian CEO of Huawei announced that this MIMO technology will be available in Huawei by this year.

  1. ZTE

It is also available in ZTE by this year.

This 5G will bring amazing advanced technology in future.

And strategy stats that, within the year 2020 most of the countries get connected with this 5G technologies.

Other Companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung are also announced their modem and CPU for 5G.

o    Qualcomm already announced its 5G modem and CPU.

o    In CES 2017 Intel announced its new 5G modem.

o    One step further Samsung announced its 5G mobile CPU and Routers.

Needs of 5G:

  • The main thing is this high way technology needs some high expense to get build.
  • It requires large number of base station for it as like 4G.
  • Google Fiber and Verizon FIOS are also requiring Base stations to handle the large loads.

Presently there are 13 operators are racing for traffic allocation in spectrum.

Generation gets change over every period with its new technology. There are lot of devices are ready to make use of this 5G even before it coming to the market. After the technology released in market we came to know about the processor need for it. I too eagerly wait to welcome the 5G technology. This 5G will connect every look and corner of the world with its lighting speed.

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