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IBM Made an Atomic Hard Drive: Entire hard drive to single atom

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Holmium Atom


IBM announced today this successful Atomic hard drive and the potential of this storage device change the way in future.The IBM scientist shows of how they work to develop this Atomic hard drive? In what way they work to make the whole hard drive to one atom?

It uses holmium atom which place above the magnesium oxide surface that helps to make the magnetic poles of atom to be stable in it even it has magnet. This pole helps to find the 0 and 1. Microscopic needle with a magnetic current is used to flip the atoms for to write on the storage system. Main thing it needs is cooled tunneling electron microscope operating in a vacuum (liquid nitrogen).



Reading the atomic hard drive information by measuring the current via every atom that differ from pole it facing up.

IBM which markets hardware, Software and hosting services internationally went on different research to improve their product standard. Nowadays people don’t want to have bulge hardware for their use. They want their useable products to be precise, reliable, faster, accurate and quality. IBM understands the needs of the user to make this one possible they worked on this to make it reality. It helps the people to make more comfortable. They worked to precise the hard drive to an atom.


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