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History Of JAVA

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In 1995 Sun released Java a fully object oriented programming language. While most of the concepts with in the JAVA where not new did many feature such as memory management and garbage collections from small talk syntax of c and C + + into new easy language that helps better for programming.

concept of virtual machine

Java brought the concept of virtual machine in too mainstream. Traditionally programs written in a particular language such as C where compiled directly from the operating system on which the program would run. In order for companies to support multiple target Running Android mint and you build environment become necessary for each target how whether Java is not a compiled completely but instead is Compiler Design intermediate stage as Java byte code. Run time the Java byte code are executed within a virtual machine which is the fees of software that integrates the by court in run time into the native binary for the operating system.

Virtual machine is responsible for allocating and releasing memory ensuring security and optimising the execution of Java byte code among other functions. This has indeed created a new market simply for virtual machine for various operating system. As long as a virtual machine is available for a particular operating system, the Java byte code should be able to execute on it.

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