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Google’s introduced #myAndroid Taste Test that will help you to customize your Android phone

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Google introduced #myAndroid Taste test website for the android users that will helps you customize your Android phone to new design.

By using this tool you can able to customize following:

· Home screen

· Launcher & also

· App icon

When you get inside this website it initial asks Monochrome or Multicolor, Vibrant or muted, Dark or light, Warm or cool and so many options like this. You can choose your appropriate answers which you think best suited for you think better for your Android mobile. After answer it will suggest you some related wallpaper, icon, launcher, widget, keyboard, etc… This all can get downloaded to your android mobile.

The following screenshot show you the model of the website when I initially entered.

This test helps you to get several customization choices for you with the fun game question. The wallpapers are also look good. The whole process is done by manual answering process which is organized in different way. You can try for answering the question in different way to get different choice of it. Even though its show good choice of wall papers, icon etc… it is little difficult to get the all the things to get work together. It is encouraged by the users for google itself undertake this theme selection process.

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