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Apple watch | Aluminium vs Stainless Steel (Durability Test)

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All of us get this confusion whether steel or Aluminum, which will be best when we buying Apple watch.

In this guide, your all doubts get cleared and you can get the full knowledge about them both.

We know Apple watch used for two purposes.

  1. Regular Apple Watch
  2. Apple Watch Sports

In the above two things, the Regular watch comes with Stainless Steel and Sports watch comes with Aluminum.

You can get Information about both from the below table:

Note: Series 2 comes with Water Proof ( cant used during Swim).
Watch Usage Regular Purpose Sports Purpose
Watch case Steel Aluminum
Sizes available 38mm and 42mm 38mm and 42mm
Weight 38mm = 40g
42mm = 50g
(Heavy Weight)
38mm = 25g
42mm = 30g
Touch Glass sapphire crystal Ion-X
Back Composite Back Ceramic back
Band Milanese Loop stainless steel mesh wraps band. (METALLIC) Stainless steel pin with Sports band.(PLASTIC)
Functionality Similar Similar
External View Similar Similar
Scratch Cause Easily Little hard
Breakage of Glass Dropped from 5 feet – Breakable
Reason: Due to heavyweight Case
Dropped from 5 feet – Non-Breakable
Reason: Due to Lightweight Case
Water Resistance Yes (IPX7) Yes (IPX7)
Screen Visibility It is a little tough to see the screen in bright light Visible all lights
Water Proof No ( cant used during Swim) No ( cant used during Swim)
Price Expansive Cheap
Battery Capacity One Day One Day
Battery Charger Metallic one Plastic one
Welding Easy Hard
maintenance Easy Hard
Touch Force Touch Force Touch
Colour Silver Silver, Gray, Gold, Rose Gold
Price Buy at lowest price Buy at lowest price

To know Apple watch series 4: 44 mm vs 40 mm

Which seems to be better?

Weight and welding:

Aluminum is very lighter material when compared to stainless steel.

This weight ratio of aluminum to Stainless steel is about 1:3. So this is the purpose of the production of smartwatch by aluminum. Because a sports person needs somewhat lighter material in their hand to get their activities.  But welding wise Stainless steel is easy to weld than compared to Aluminum.


If any scratch happens in Stainless steel means it is very easy to get rid of it but if it caused in Sports watch aluminum means it is very tough to get rid of.

And scratches are visible to others in an aluminum watch. You can able remove scratch by polishing Stainless Steel but this process is not possible in Aluminum.

Water resistant:

Both are good materials and can able to resist water, rain and also dust. It uses the version IPX7 to get protected. But it is not recommended during swimming.


Both have only GPS and GPS + Cellular Accessibility. Do you want to know more about GPS vs Cellular?


The battery can be easily tapped at the back of the watch. It minimum needs around 2 hours to get charged hundred percent and it can be used up to 18 hours continuously. If you want to extend this usage of battery life means you can use battery extender straps that are available in markets.


The Weight of Stainless Steel is higher so it’s little easier to get broken if you missed or drop from a certain height but if you drop the sports watch which is made of aluminum and plastic wristband means it is not that much easy to get broken.

Look and feel:

Apple Watch Stainless steel gives you good look and feels for office purpose and Aluminum goes well with Sports activities and Casual wear. The display goes in both (i.e. sapphire crystal, Ion-X) are good and gets less scratch. Especially Sapphire crystal gets less scratch when compared to Ion-X. The back of the Apple watch comes with the ceramic and composite back. Ceramic back is much durable than a composite back.


Except for the production materials all the functionality these two watches are similar and their look and feel also good. And finally, the materials used in this Stainless steel Apple watch are costlier so the cost of the Regular Apple watches also costly when compared to Sports watch.

Battery capacity:

Both Apple watch gets withstand of charge for one day. Both materials act high resistant to corrosion. Regular Stainless steel Apple watch needs only less maintenance because it is high strength and it is not get corroded easily. So only it is mostly used for kitchen utensils. Aluminum is the lighter most material this helps to make use of aircraft.

So both the watches are going to do the same performance the choice up to you depends on the above features if you are the person with less maintenance means go for Stainless steel. If you need a lightweight watch means to choose the aluminum watch. Obviously, another choice for sports is Apple sports watch.

While buying the Apple watch Regular version comes in the square box and the Apple Sports watch comes in the rectangular box.

Let see the watch base difference. Everyone knows that Apple is a good product but there is a little confusion arise with choice of watch. Here you can get a clear idea about apple watch and apple sports watch you can refer it.

Apple watch:

We know very well the apple watch has a lot of versions. Also available in two sizes 38mm and 42mm. The original operating system of Apple watch is watchOS 1 and the current OS is watchOS 3.1. The price of 38 mm watch is (549 to 1049) dollar in the US and the price of 42 mm watch about (599 to 1099) dollar in the US. The Apple watch better known for its design compares the two apple sports watch. The case of this watch is made of stainless steel that gives gorgeous look do this, it has the sapphire crystal retina display and it has ceramic back with heart sensor. The wristband looks very professional it can be held in the wrist in an easy way. The display looks components and operations are similar compared to sports watch. But the stainless steel may get scratch easily by external damage.

Apple sports watch:


The wristband is made of flexible sports band but it is little difficult to tie on your wrist when compared to apple watch. It is available in 38mm and 42mm sizes. The price of apple sports watches essay about 349$ to 399$.
The below table going to show you the full feature comparison between apple watch and apple sports watch:

Features Apple watch Apple sports watch
Price 599$-1099$ $349-$399
Sizes available 38mm and 42mm. 38mm and 42mm.
Case Stainless steel Silver aluminum
Glass sapphire crystal Ion-X
Touch Force Touch Force Touch
Back Composite Back Ceramic back
Band Milanese Loop stainless steel mesh wraps band stainless steel pin with Sport Band
Speaker Yes Yes
Microphone Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Battery life Up to approximately 18 hours Up to approximately 18 hours
Water resistance Yes Yes
Sensor Yes Yes
Battery charging time Around 2 hours Around 2 hours
Call and Text notification Yes Yes
Activity Tracker Yes Yes
Music Playlist Yes Yes
Digital Display Yes Yes
Clock ad Time Yes Yes
Accumulator Yes Yes
Wrist Size adjustable Yes Yes
Waterproof no no

Even though there is a small difference, both are very good in its feature.

If you want to use for office or any other meeting you can choose for Apple watch because it gives good personality look to your profession.

You can be used Apple sports watch for your activity tracking, fitness maintaining purpose because it gives casual look for you.
On the cost basis, you can choose apple sports Smartwatch. It is less expensive compare the to apple watch.

The bands given by the Apple watch itself having good look if you want to change the look of your band that is also available in markets. Third party bands are available for both smartwatches.
We already speak about apple watch that stainless steel can get scratch easily so there are some screen protectors It also available in markets to protect your smartwatch.

Features such as speaker microphone WiFi Bluetooth sensor are same on both watches. The heart rate sensor is used to track your heart rate during the workout and also have an accumulator and gyroscope.

It has the digital display that also helps view date, time, calls, mail text messages. Additional you can connect your iPhone using Bluetooth and you can play music with this.

I hope so, this article gives you the clear understanding about the features of Apple watch and apple sports watch.

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