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Amazon’s Alexa is coming to your iPhone: No Need of dot

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Personal Assistance that makes our job simpler than ever before . Amazon Alexa is also in the IPA race nowadays. We all have a idea to get that in the form of Amazon echo or Echo Dot from Amazon for our home. Amazon makes this product more simpler.

It introduced a Amazon Alexa app that can get download to our ios that helps us to get the use of Alexa IPA.

You can use this app on ios to Ask questions , shop, Play songs and music, ask for news updates , weather and so on. Alexa currently uses two languages to get instruct they are English and German. This can able to do activities such as
Music play, alarm setting, interacting, play audio book, weather reporting, cooking instructions, alerts and whatever real time information you need.

Special uses:
  • It helps to set the brightness of your lights.
  • You can reorder the products which you need from Amazon by using Alexa App.
  • Alexa App can able to set the temperature of the room.
  • You can set the timer using Alexa App.
  • You can get up to date news.


  1. It uses microphones and speakers in Iphone to interact with the app.
  2. It supports for operating system in iOS 8.0 versions or later versions.

You can ask questions like 

• “Best-selling TV”.

• “Play some music”.

• “Tell me a joke”

• “Who is Barack Obama”

the above sample questions are tested with Amazon echo . In the similar way you can ask for the Amazon app. It also order the product in amazon according to your instruction. That brings the product to your door step.

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