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Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker: Latest Full Specification, Price & Reviews

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What’s special in Xiaomi MI AI Speaker?

Everyone has the above question in their mind. Let me answer you, in short, it comes with voice assistance with less cost including 360-degree audio announced. This Speaker is Portable wireless one. So you can take it to anywhere.

Highlights of Xiaomi MI AI Speaker:

  • Six-microphones array which is present in omnidirectional used to cut out unwanted noise.
  • You can broadcast music.
  • Additional features such as setting an alarm clock for particular time and checking road conditions.
  • An interesting feature is this to tell stories to it and you can get back crosstalk.
  • Can get details of weather, cooking tips, traffic, translation etc.
  • This one is made of quality material that can last forever.
  • Can connect to smart devices via Bluetooth version 4.1, DLNA or Wi-Fi.
  • It can control smart devices such as Air conditioning, Mi Kettle, Water heater, lamps, mobile phone, smart plugs, rice cooker, etc.

Detailed Specifications:

Specifications Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker
Price Rs 2,999 USD 49.99
Dimensions (length * breadth* height) 212mm* 88mm * 88 mm
Weight 636 gram ( small)
Color White only
Bluetooth Yes (Version 4.1)
Wi-Fi connectivity Yes
DLNA connectivity Yes
Remote control Yes
RAM Storage 256 MB (Internal)
CPU process Quad Core Cortex A53
Voltage 12 volt
Current 7.5 Amp
Audio frequency 60 – 15000 Hz
Microphone Yes (6 no’s)
Chip clock speed 1.2 GHz
Impedance 4 ohm
Bluetooth Stereo profile A2DP
Audio drivers 2 no’s


Reviews:( 4.5 out of 5)

It over comes Alexa echo with its features, especially in price. You can feel a companion in your home with this Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker. Performs functions such as streaming music, tell stories, radio, audio tutorial, audio books & cooking without any noise interruption. Used to control alarm when you wake up, turn on the water heater, AC, lamp etc.., by your voice instructions. The microphone is used to receive your instructions.

Mi Speaker Price:

This MI AI Speaker comes with lowest price in the market.

Enjoy with Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker which rates good in market.

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