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Latest Review: Rachio vs RainMachine vs Skydrop vs. Hydrawise| Best Smart Sprinkler Controller [2018]

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Everyone loves to live with nature. So we build our home in-between lawn and garden. It is very important for us to control and maintain the irrigation or garden of us. Smart Sprinkler helps us to make this control process simple by reducing the water consumption.

It helps the plant to get water exactly how much they need. This leads us to pay for less water bill. It acts as an automatic robot. There is some home cleaning robot also there in the market. Here we are going to see sprinkler Rachio, RainMachine, Skydrop and Hydrawise.

Here comes my garden sprinkler

This Controller system can get connected with the mobile phone or Web application. No need for physical availability of the owner or farmers to supervise the crop. So the farmers can view their plant anywhere from the world through their mobiles.

How Smart Controller get operates?

Connect the controller via Wi-Fi and choose the number of lawns which you want to control over. You can provide manual control to the smart sprinkler controller or else you can give automatic control over the setting. If you automate it means it will take full control of it. You can set the control according to the weather condition.

There are a lot of smart sprinkler controller is available now on the market. Here I’m going to discuss some top model of this year by comparison and I will so you both advantages and disadvantages which I faced with the Sprinkler control.

Rachio vs RainMachine vs Skydrop vs. Hydrawise race gets started now.

Comparison Table:

Water Saving 50 % 80 % 35% 50% RAINMACHINE
Control zones 8 / 16 zones 8 /12 / 16 zones 8 / 16 zones 8/12 zones RAINMACHINE
Android Support Yes(moderate) Yes (Good) Yes(moderate) Yes(moderate) RAINMACHINE
IOS Support Yes(moderate) Yes (Good) Yes(Good) Yes(moderate) RAINMACHINE& SKYDROP
Voice control Amazon echo Amazon echo No No RACHIO& RAIN MACHINE
Upgraded Membership No No No Yes HYDRAWISE
EPA Certified Yes Yes Yes Yes ALL
Automatic Schedule Yes Yes Yes Yes ALL
Manual Schedule Yes Yes Yes Yes ALL
Calculate weather Based on weather forecast Accurate data of weather Real-time weather Real-time weather RAINMACHINE


Let us see in detail about the above Smart Sprinkler as follow.

1.      RACHIO


Advantages of RACHIO:

It can able to manage 8 or 16 zones. You can able to control via Mobile phones and computers by using the network. It uses custom water option settings for all zones. It has remote to control by App. If the owner is in other geographical area means he can able to maintain the crop, save and monitor water consumption without losing money and energy.

The full specification of Rachio comes as follow.

  • 8 Zone
  • 16 zone
Weight and Dimension size
  • 9.25″ Length x 5.625″ Height x 1.625″ Width
  • 1.2 Lbs. weight
Power Supply: External Transformer uses (6 ft cord – 2.5 mm x 5.5 mm dimension Female barrel plug)
Transformer Power Input and output
  •  120V AC / 60Hz (Input)
  • 24V AC (output)
Designed for Solenoids (24V AC)
Integrated with other Software
  • Nest
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Wink
  • Control4
  • Nexia
Sensors used
  • The Rain sensor
  • Soil sensor
  • Flow sensor (Rachio 2nd Generation)
Wi-Fi supports Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)
Weather Proof Yes
The temperature which it operates 31F to 140F
Seasonal auto adjustments Yes

1.1  Sensor Details:

1) Rain sensor:

It uses both wired and wireless sensor that gets activated during the rainfall. This indication makes the system to get shut down that saves water consumption.

2) Soil sensor:

Here too uses both wired and wireless sensor that actually buried in the soil under three inches. That trace the land area quality of the zone. It can be used as a single sensor or multiple sensors.

3)Flow sensor:

This sensor is getting installed in Rachio generation 2 that determines the flow of water inside the pipeline and also to control the noise produced during a sprinkle.

1.2  Email Notification:

You can get the email notification for the details such as skipped watering time, seasonal adjustment changes and rain sensor get changes.

The disadvantage of RACHIO:

It doesn’t come with touchscreen or control via button facility. It operates only via a network.

2. RainMachine


Advantages of RainMachine:

It has LED touch screen keys to get access easily. HD model applications are also present in it. Specialized to work in 8, 12 and 16 zone mode. Mini can handle 8 zones. HD touch can able to handle 12 or 16 zones.

Let see the latest all specification and features of RainMachine in below table

  • 8 Zone (mini)
  • 12 Zone (HD)
  • 16 zone (HD)
Weight and Dimension size FOR HD Touch
  • Dimensions: 6lx4bx1w inch
  • Weight: 11 oz


  • Dimensions: 4.2lx4.2bx1w inch
  • Weight: 8 oz
Power Supply:
  • AC Input: 24VAC, 60Hz, 750mA
  • output: 24VAC, Max 8VA
  • Master valve: 24VAC, 60HZ, 8VA
Remotely controlled Yes
Snoozing facility Yes
Integrated with other Software
  • Nest
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Wink
  • Control4
  • Nexia
Sensors used
  • Rain
  • Wind
Wi-Fi supports
  • USB 802.11N
  • 2.4Ghz
  • US/Japan/EU
Weather Proof Yes
Remote Access Yes
Email Access Yes

2.1 Statistic Reports 

You can get Analysis of water consumption by graphical representation here. It Shows the information according to your selection by a week, month or by year.

2.2 Other Information

The system can able to show you the information such as Active and inactive zones, cycle and soak that allows the system to avoid wasting of water by identifying soil type because every soil type has a specific absorption quality, delay between other zones, master valve, weather, data source, snooze that delay the time of water in the zone.

2.3 Sensitivity

1) Rain sensitivity

It detects the rain time very accurately and also calculates the soil capacity whether it has the capacity to store the water for certain days. According to that information watered the plant.

2) Wind sensitivity

It detects the wind speed the blow on the field. And everything gets password protected to the user.

Disadvantages of RainMachine:

Not having upgraded membership.

3. Skydrop


Advantages of Skydrop:

It can able to manage 8 or 16 zones. You can use direct access in the system to change the setting in the dial. Here comes with the total specification of Skydrop sprinkler system below.

  • 8 Zone
  • 16 zone
Weight and Dimension size Weight: 12.5 lbs

Dimension : 9.68l x 3.37h x 1.87 inch

Power Supply 24V AC
Remotely controlled Yes
Jog dial Yes
controller 4.3 inch LCD screen
Sensors used soil and rain detector
Wi-Fi supports Yes (Phone /Tablet)
  • 2.4GHz
Weather Proof No
Weather Access Yes ( via cloud)
Email Access No
Temperature Range -22F to 158F
  •  iOS 7.1+
  • Android 4.1+
Integrate facility Yes

3.1  Sensitivity

It works according to the soil, plant and climatic change. It provides the healthy root of the plant by analyzing the water consumption which it needs. You can control via mobile, tablet and computers by interpretation.

Disadvantages of Skydrop:

It gets a long time to get an update on the new software.

  1. Hydrawise


Advantages of Hydrawise:

It can able to handle around 12 zones of irrigation and also it can be able to monitor via iOS and Android mobiles. You can set up both automatic and manual control over here. Let see the specification of it.

Zones 6 zone /12  zone
Weight and dimension Weight:6.1 ounce

Dimension: 170mm x 150mm x 35mm

Expandable zone Yes (36 zones)
Designed for 24V AC solenoids
Short circuit protection Yes (maximum 800mA )
Water scheduling setup Yes
Climate Sensor Yes
Touch screen function Yes
Wi-Fi integration 802.11b/g
Working pressure 232 PSI
Minimum flow 0.22 GPM
Maximum flow  21.1 GPM

This Hydrawise can control the flow of water on both sides (forward, reverse) of the direction. It needs 2 wire electrical connection and also it has short circuit protection.

As per the comparison and analysis finally, we found that this race is won by RAINMACHINE.


This smart sprinkler control has been proven to be helpful for monitoring planters and plant lovers to monitor and care for their plants. It assures them that their plants will be well maintained on the right amount of water per day.

Even though all the sprinkler has the good feature you can choose according to your need and geographical area.

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