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Philips Hue Review: Latest Full Specification| 10 Best Advantages and Disadvantages| Price | how it works with App? [Performance Test]

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Phillips plays a vital roe in Lighting System. They introduces new innovations in lighting system every period. Usually Lighting systems in our home are connected by wiring and controlled over switch. Philips hue is one of the thing which can operate via LAN (Wireless Connection). By using this wireless connection we can able to control the lighting system from whatever place you are even from other countries. In this article you can get the all over specifications of Phillips Hue light, the best advantages and  limitations over it and finally Philips hue light working process.



Operation which you can perform via internet is as follow:
  • Switch ON & OFF
  • Brighten
  • Dim
  • Change Light Color
  • Set Timers to the light

The above operations can be performed by you from any place where you are at the time. The only things which you need is Smartphone or Tablet with internet connection. You can monitor your house by using phone and you can switch ON / OFF the lights in your room. At the same time we can increase or decrease the brightness of the light. Additionally the added an awesome thing that we can change color of the light by remotely. It provides us the facility to set the timing of lights ON/OFF during sleeping or other times.

The system that comes with three bulbs and one bridge.

How it works?

Initially we have to create a connection between the bridge and wireless router by using a wired port. Take off all the old lights and replace it with LED bulbs (A19 9-Watt). Finally you need a Philips hue Application to be installed in your Smart android phone or IOS devices. Now the control is in your hand and the system is ready to get operate.

You can just set timer for Lights ON every day during the vacation time the gives safety to our home from housebreakers. And you can use the change of colors to relax your mood during stress time. You can control it by more than one Smart phone at a time. At the same time one or more bulb get operated by single control.

Here comes the specification of Philips Hue:
Power Output ·         100 to 240 V AC / 50 to 60Hz

·         voltage: 5 V DC 600mA (Output)

·         Standby power: 0.1 W maximum

Temperature -10°C to 45°C
Humidity  5% < Humidity < 95%
IOS Support ·         IOS version ofiOS 8.0 and Higher Version,

·         iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus

·         iPad 2, 3rd and 4th generation, Air 1, 2, Mini 1, 2, 3

·         iPod touch 5th generation

Android Support Version 2.3 and Higher version

·         Galaxy S2, S3, S4, S5

·         Google Nexus 5

·         Motorola Nexus 6

·         Google Nexus 7

·         Note 1, Note 2, Note 3, Note 4

·         OnePlus One

·         HTC One

·         Sony Xperia Z3

Smart Control Yes (Via Internet App)
Get Away Control Yes
Light Time Schedule Yes
Color Light Painting Yes
Ambience Creation Yes
Synchronized with Music Yes
Synchronized with Movies Yes
Bulb Dimension  62 mm x 110 mm
Colors 16 Million

Note: The above Specification differ for GU10 bulb and B22 bulb

Advantage of Philips Hue:
  1. You buy a separate Bulb if needed.
  2. A19 bulb has the similar structure of ordinary bulbs so it can be easily replaceable.
  3. The Power consumption of the bulb is very less.
  4. Gives you good Brightness even in 9 watts.
  5. It is durable up to life expectancy.
  6. Act as like a night lamp too by dimming the light.
  7. Glow with 16 million colors in it.
  8. It can work with music like a party lights during parties in Home. Multi-color change option is available it can be performed by synchronizing with the external apps. And also it works with movies to give light effects for the movies. Here also external Application needed to perform this action.
  9. By based on your driving way the lights can get ON automatically by the help of GPS tracking.
  10. You can make the Ambience cool during the summer season by the light setting.

Though it has a built-in dimming capacity it doesn’t work with the external dimmer switches. It is suitable only for indoor purpose, if needed for outside usage ensure that the light won’t come in contact with water.

It cannot be placed in upside down position. And the switch for the light bulb has to be in on phase if you want to have the control from your phone/tablet. But you have the option to switch it off from your phone.

Incase if your modem fails due to any power failure then the remote control process won’t work. Since it is a bulb which work in omnidirectional it won’t allow the light into a narrow cone from the ceilings.

If you set a particular setting such as brightness/color to the light, it won’t remember the setting if you switch it off and then switch it on again. Standard color is required, since if we set the color it may be too dark at certain times.

Philips Hue App set up:

  1. Download the Hue App for android or IOS and Install it.
  2. After Installation when you open the Application it will automatically find the nearby Hue Bridge.
  3. Then search completed you will get the number of bridge in the App screen and tap on Setup button at the bottom.
  4.  Further select the push link button for the bridge which you want to connect.
  5. Give Accept under terms and condition.
  6. You can pair bridge also with your Apple Siri or Any Home kit by “Pair Bridge” set up at the bottom.
  7. Create a Home name in Siri voice control.
  8. In next step you have to scan the accessory code which is in back of the Bridge.
  9. In next process it start to detect the bulbs in the Home by pressing “+” button it will at lights to it. Now you can get all the bulbs in the screen.
  10. Now set up the light under room category. That sol now the Hue App set up gets completed and ready to operate.

Enjoy your mood with this beautiful innovative philosophy hue light.

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