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L1 Visa to Green Card | L-1A to EB1 Green Card | How to Apply for Green Card USA?

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Are you eager to get a Green card for the USA? Do you want to know how to apply for Green Card without any issues in your L1 status? Your all questions get answered here.

What is the green card?

The green card is the permanent resident card that allows you to get permanently in the United States. It has Green card number which is also known as an A-Number, Alien Registration Number or USCIS#.It consists of  8 or 9 digit number that can be found on the top of Card. Other Details which present in Green Card are the surname, Given Name, Country of Birth, Date of Birth, Sex, Card expires date and Resident since date. i show one sample here.

Apart from the residential benefit, you can get some other benefits if you have in the card.

  • It allows you to work for any company or employer.
  • You can start your own business in the US.

What is L1 Visa?

It is the dual intent visa or temporary transfer visa.It can be given to manager executive or any other special categorized post. 11 visa people supposed to work in the same company. They might not allow you jumping over another employer.

What are the categorize of L1 Visa?

It is categorized into two. They are

  1. L1a (for managers and executive).
  2. L1b (for other special posts).

Even though L1 Visa is the dual intent filling of green Card application do not cause any issues in the non-immigrant status of L1.

What is the procedure to apply for Green Card visa?

L1-A and L1-b are not having the same procedure to apply for Green Card. It differs from each other.

  1. L1-A to EB-1c Green Card:

There is a way for L1-A Visa holders to get a green card or permanent residency without any issues in their L1 Visa status.That is under the employment-based visa shortly known as EB- 1C. Let us discuss more details about this process.

What are the requirements needed?

  • The person must work in the US as a manager or executive.
  • Should work with his/her sister, parent or any other subsidiary at least for 1 year in the US (the relationship must be qualified).
  • The applicant must be work for at least one year the United States (within past three years).
  • The US subsidiary worker should make simultaneous business transactions with us and some other country.Note: Your application for EB-1c have a high preference for persons who having L1-A visa status.

What is the procedure to get Green Card?

Let’s see the steps to obtain Green Card for L1A Visa holder,

  • Step 1: The company or employer have to file an I-140 petition.
  • Step 2: When your I-140 get taken, at which you will get update your priority date. You have to check regularly for Visa Bulletin monthly which released by the department of USCIS. If you are dates for EB1 seems to be current then you have to file for adjustment your status. Then the petition will get approved soon.If your company does not support you to get EB-1 C, then you can choose an alternate option that applies for EB-1 A or EB2 NIW.

What is an adjustment of status?

  • If you resident now in the US via L1 A, then you can choose two options such as adjust your status or consular processing.
  • If you do not stay in the US and you apply from any other countries then you have the only option to choose consular processing.

Requirements needed for adjustment of status:

I-485 form: You have to submit an I-485 form to USCIS. ( approximately takes 6 months to get processed)

Requirements needed for consular processing:

This is a little-complicated process because it takes some time conception. You need to travel to United States consulate or attend face to face interview with consular officer in your country.

What are the Differences Between EB-1C and L-1A?

 Diff EB-1c L-1A
Category / Division immigrant non-immigrant
Blanket Petition No blanket petitions available Options available
No New work Done business for at least a year The company or the employer must have business more than a year.
Specialized knowledge Specialized knowledge not suffice. There is a possibility for specialized knowledge people relocate within intra-company.


What are all the other benefits available for L1A to Green Card persons?

  • Less period consumption: Within a short duration, you can able to get your green card by this way.
  • No need of high investment required. Via EB-5 path you need to do some investments ( approximately $1 million).
  • No condition Period available for this Green card.
  • The company or the employer is responsible for all your documents. So here your effort get reduced.
  • They give some high preference if you choose by this way.

How many costs needed for L-1A to an EB-1?

 Fees EB-1c L-1A
I-140 filing fee $700 $700
Biometrics fee (if needed) $85 $85
Other fee I-485 fee: Varies from person to person 140 depends on their age. 


DS-260 Fees: $230

Support fee:$88 (if needed)

Application forms available in https://www.uscis.gov/

2. L1-B Visa to Green Card:

Which Green Cards are Available for L1-B?

  • EB-2 green card.
  • EB-3 green card (Bachelor’s degree holders, Experienced and Non-experienced workers).

Steps to get your Green Card: [L-1B to Green Card]

You may choose any Green card type which suits you. First of all, propose your company or employer to sponsor green card behalf of you. If no they then search other company which sponsors you.

After getting a sponsor, the person has to get PERM labor certification which respects to your company.

Following the PERM process gets completed, your company or business organization will have to record an I-140 petition towards you.

Next process has to wait until your priority date becomes “current” in the USCIS department monthly visa bulletin chart. If your date seems to be current then you have to file for adjustment your status by submitting your I-485 form.If you are applying from other countries apart from the US then choose consular process.

Note: The date which the USCIS department gets your petition will display your priority date. Your waiting time depends on the type of green card that you apply for and your origin country.

How long it takes to get Processed?

PERM certificate commonly takes 8-month duration to get processed including the ETA-9089 application process, job order and waiting period.

Specifically, we can say that ETA-9089 application process takes 6 months, job order takes 1 month and Waiting period takes 1 month.Totally 8 months.

I-140 has taken approximately 6 months to get processed. Similarly, I-485 also need 6-month duration to get processed. Sometimes the process may get processed a long time. If this happens for you then you can shorten it by two ways:

  • I-140 petition.
  • Priority date serves time.

How many costs needed for L-1B to a green card?

 Fees L-1B to Green Card
I-140 filing fee $700
Biometrics fee (if needed) $85
Other fee I-485 fee: Varies from person to person 140 depends on their age.  $750-$1140

DS-260 fee: $230

Processing fee : $1,225



Hope you get some idea to get your USA green card. If you have any doubts post your questions below. Better to have Immigration Attorney or lawyers to get support for you.

 Do you want to renew your expired green card?

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