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How to Skip or Block Hulu Ads [Simple] [Easy] [Guide]

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Are you a movie lover? Then definitely you aware of Hulu, which is an online streaming service for Shows, Movies, TV series etc..Hulu native site allows you to stream your favorite videos with fewer stuff ads or no interruption of ads.

You can watch the Shows, videos or some else on Hulu is in Ultra HD. Also, they charge only low cost for that. Recently more people have this doubt and ask in forums and all that, “how to skip ads in Hulu when streaming something?”. I want to share my knowledge on this to clear your doubts.

There are the lot of ways to skip Hulu ads or to block the Hulu ads. I will show you some of the easy steps indifferent to do this activity. Before going to the steps, Let I clarify you what are all the content available in this article to make you clear in detail about it.

Best 5 Ways To Skip Hulu Ads:

Method 6:

Skip Hulu Ads (Sort of):

You can add the above extension to your chrome. Then you can able to see a blank white rectangular symbol in your top middle corner write the number of seconds left in the ad in the box and unmute the video.

An alert will notify you when the time is done, un-mute the volume

Method 5:

How To Block Ads By Using AD BLOCK PLUS?

Honestly, I can say that there is no accurate ad blocker available in the market to block Ads in Hulu. Because all the ad settings of Hulu is done on the back end. Even though Rasberry Pi attempts this blocking process on the front end and makes it a success. But in later it not works well.

I can suggest you an ad block which is called as “Ad Block Plus”. This will not completely allow you to block or skip the ad. Instead of that, it will mask the ad with a blank screen.

Note: Some time your videos also gets block by this Adblocker and not gets played even disable it. The videos may show you some message that given below. Even your ad-blocker is turned off yet you can’t play videos then update your latest version of Adobe Flash. Even not now then clear your cache and try.

This video is unavailable because we are unable to load message from our SPONSORS. If you are using Ad blocking Software, Please disable it and reload the page.

You can make this method as one of the choices. If you think that you need some better method needed then follow the next methods.

Method 4:

Upgrade to Latest Hulu Plus No Commercial Plan:

This is a splendid and valid way to nearly get rid of the commercial ads. You need to do is just upgrade it to Hulu Plus plan. They charge you $11.99 for this service. The cost difference is little to compare with a normal plan (i.e) Approximately $4.

The majority of ads get removed in this plan. Only a Special ads will like a statue there. This is the best of this method. Even though you don’t want to use the extra chargeable one, then you can look for other methods also.

This particular commercial which still remains doesn’t indicate each show on Hulu Plus has advertisements, though, so a subscription is commonly your solid chance for reducing advertisements when you follow viewing session.

Method 3:

Fast Forward Hulu Ads:

Instead of attempting for Blocking or skipping, you can fast forward the ads by the use of Enounce MySpeed software. This will helps us to reduce the waiting time for that ad to get complete. This Enounce MySpeed software provide free trial for 7 days.

Method 2:

Reload Hulu Page:

This is a simple trick to make a long ad to shorter. Hulu program page provides ads service depends on your time which you spend on that page. If you face a long Ad which is about 3-4 minutes, then just reload the program page that will take you to 30 mins Ad which is shorter. Then you can able to continue your program.

Method 1:

Use two Hulu program load at the same Time: [Steps as follow]

Step 1: Go to Hulu streaming and select the program which you want to see.

Step 2: In another tab open Hulu once again to the same video which you opened in the first tab.

Step 3: Mute the second tab video and fast forward it before the first commercial Ad.

Step 4: Now go to the first tab Hulu video and watch your show.

Step 5: If it touches on the first advertisement, then mute it. Now open the second tab Hulu video and unmute it, also rewind to the opening commercial.

Step 6: As it has already shown that advertisement, the program will begin immediately from such tip, hence “skipping” the advertisement.

Step 7: By jumping along the tabs in backward and forward of Hulu programs, you can efficiently view the entire show without holding to stop over some of these unpleasant 30-second advertisements.

Final Words:

Hulu makes its income based on Advertisement and Subscription. Even though watching ads for 4 minutes creates some discomfort for the users. My suggestion is to go with Hulu plus upgrade that avoid barrier for watching your program. You can also go with Netflix.

Note: The tips and Tricks which i shared to you is 100% secured one and will help you to avoid ad troubles.

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