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Ebates Review : How it works? [Legit] [cash back] [2018]

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Everyone likes to shop online. Don’t you? Then make its profit by using cashback advantage of Ebates. This guide will help you to know how to get cash back by using Ebates. You may have some question “Is Ebates a scam or legit?”. To make you clear I added my earnings below.

What is Ebates? How Does Ebates make a Profit?

It is one of the oldest cashback sites which are in the market since 1998.

Everyone knows well how to purchase through online. Ebates is not actually shopping site like Amazon, eBay, etc. In spite of Amazon, Ebates provide some discount or cashback if you purchase from their affiliate links to various shopping websites.

Now you may get a doubt that what is an affiliate? Ebates get some referral amount for referring you to the purchasing site. Every product which you buy through Ebates gets some commission by the merchant. So Ebates going to share some percentage of the amount with you.

The above figure shows that it is Win-Win-Win process. Because of the user, Merchant, and Ebates all Win here. Ebates affiliated approximately 2000 Online shops.

What are all the ways to get Profit through Ebates?

  1. You can get Sign up bonus in Ebates.
  2. With that get some referral bonus, If you referred your friends and relatives.
  3. Purchasing Commission.

Note: Ebates does not ask you any payment for using the website.

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How Ebates Works?

Initially, we have to sign up the site with our personal email address. After sign in, they provide an option to choose a gift card for $10. If you purchase above $25 then you will receive gift card amount.

After login, you will see a lot of stores to pick. If you not able to find the click on All Stores Tab. Click on the specific store that takes you to the Store directly.

Then choose the product in the store and click on “Shop Now” button.

If you complete your purchase, then the points get added to your Account. That can be seen through My Wallet. It takes approximately 1 day to get reflected.

For Example, if you buy a product worth of $1000 then your wallet get added with $100.

Tabs which are present in the top of ebates site to serve you are:

  1. All Stores
  2. Help

Ebates cash back Button:

This button can be easily downloaded to chrome extension. That helps you to remind cash back if you are on the affiliated website of ebates.

In-Store Cash Back:

Simply add your credit card or debit card details to your account. Then try with a cash back offered store by link your one of the card. This will helps you get all the offers on your mobile phone.

How can you get paid on Ebates?

The purchase commission which gets added to your account gets paid 4 times in a year. The chart for your payment is given below.

Purchasing commission calculation Check Send out on
Jan 1- Mar 31 May 15
Apr 1- June 30 August 15
July 1- Sep 30 November 15
Oct 1- Dec 31 February 15


The above table shows you clearly that your cashback gets hold for 60 days. Why the hold your cash back for 60 days? Because the user may return the product after purchase. To secure the purchase from no return they use this concept. That is the cause for splitting this four quarters.

There are two ways you can get the amount:

  1. Via Check (or)
  2. By Using PayPal account.

But it is safest to get it through PayPal account because there is a chance to lose check-in rare times. if you do not have PayPal account create one account. It is a very easy process to create with minimal requirements.

How can you Maximize Earnings by Ebates?

  1. Cash Back Visa Credit Card:

If you purchase with credit card, then you will get additional cashback of 3 percentage.

Note: Works when you have good credit score.

2. Check For Coupon:

Before buying products just check for coupons that help you make your earnings double by combining it with cashback offers.

3. Even though it provides cash back, don’t purchase unplanned things through it just for cash back.

4. Don’t choose the offers that have the keyword ‘up to’ because it doesn’t mean the exact amount. You may also get a lesser amount.

For Example, if an offer displayed as ‘up to 7%’, then it does not offer exactly 7%. You may also get lesser than that like 5%, 6% etc.

5. Before picking a deal check with other sites also by comparing the price. Analyse whether the cash back is worth or not. If your answer is yes then proceed with the deal. Or else choose the store that offers less price.That is a smart way of thinking.

Ebates App for Android:

You can get the ebates Android app in Google Play Store. This helps you to get earn from your Android mobile device.

Ebates App for Iphone:

For more compatibility it is available for iPhone users also.

Ebates Amazon Cashback Categories:

Amazon Cashback categories are available here in ebates.

Note: Cash Back is available for particular departments. Items or product which added to your shopping cart before clicking from ebates will not earn Cash Back.”

The above code is specific terms which present in the site. So check it before buying an item.

Countries offered by Ebates:

Here is the check model which send by Ebates:

Pros and Cons of ebates:


  • Get good cash back when compared to others.
  • It clearly mentions the percentage of an amount which they going to offer for the product.
  • And also the instruction are very clear for the cashback details.
  • The wide range of shopping stores is available. So you can choose your favorite shop.


Even though it has a lot of pros there are some dislikes available here.

  • It paid only for four times in a year.
  • If you enable ad blocker in your system, then some difficulty get occurs in ebates website.
  • Sometimes we will not get correct cash back for some Apple and Amazon products. This fault not with Ebates but with merchants.
  • Exchange of products which we bought makes the loss of cashback.

Ebates Customer Service:

Phone Service: (415) 908-2200


By this time I conclude that Ebates is not a scam, it is a legit site that gives you good cash back offer. It is not asking any cost for joining the site. The new remainder button makes your purchase or process in a simpler way. If you have regular shopping over online, then choose Ebates. If not it will not work for you.

Buy a product only after make sure that is necessary and choose the correct one. If you go for an exchange because of color,  shape, size then the store will treat you as a new purchase. That will not come under ebates account.

Hope you get a complete guideline for ebates. Make use of to get good profit over the product which you purchase.

Our rating to ebates is 4 out of 5. We recommended to checkout InboxDollars and checkout Swagbucks for better earning.

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