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Best Thermostat 2018 | Ecobee3 vs Nest vs Honeywell Lyric [Guide] [Review]

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Everyone needs to have a thermostat for their home nowadays. Here we going to compare three (Ecobee 3, Nest, Honeywell Lyric) Thermostat in a practical way get best one out of the race.

What is Thermostat?

The thermostat helps us to monitor the temperature in our home and take a smart control over warmth. Initially, it was fixed in HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air conditioning) that was controlled by a mercury switch. It operates by compression and expansion process when the temperature gets differ.

To make this thermostat more smart and accurate Electronic digital Thermostat is invented in later days. It combines with the digital thermometer that identifies the accurate temperature of the room or area and set the thermostat according to that temperature. It automatically set temperature remotely and make your room according to your comfort before entering to it.

So this technology makes pleasant to us by all its benefits. Let us compare the above 3 thermostat here.


Let see main Highlights of Ecobee3

  • Great look and feel
  • Multiple sensors used here.
  • Portal availability to control over thermostat remotely.
  • Data monitor ( Alerts and reminders)

Ecobee3 Appearance and Installation:

Ecobee3 having multiple remote sensors you can fix it anywhere in your house that works very accurate on fixing heat or cool temperature for your room. It weighs 1 pound, dimensions are about 3.9 x 0.9 x 3.9 inches in length, breadth and height, 3.5 inches display screen with touch screen and it has good looking with easy installation. The display comes with 320 * 320 pixels and 24-bit color.

Ecobee3 Remote Access and integration:

It can be integrated with Android or iOS by using Ecobee App and controlled. By using this App you can set your home temperature from anywhere in the world. Computer Apps is another way to control it.

Sensors Used:

  • Motion sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • Ambient light sensors
  • Occupancy sensor

Alerts and Notification:

It provides notification to us regarding excess heat/cool, Furnace Filter, UV Lamp, Heat / Cool Not Responding, Auxiliary heat in run time & outdoor temperature. It also emails triggered to the web portal of the home owner.

Power Saving IQ:

It compares the power consumption of previous month and current month and makes a review of that. Helps to reduce power bill. It uses wired power option.

Detailed Advantage of Ecobee3:

Features Ecobee3
  • Conventional (2H/2C)
  • Heat pump (4H/2C) incl. 2-stage auxiliary heat
  • Gas, oil, electric
  • Dual fuel
  • Humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilator, HRV or ERV
Thermostat Sensor •  Temperature

•  Motion

•  Proximity

  • Humidity
Remote sensor •         Temperature

•         Motion

Go Green (Eco-friendly)
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Mercury free
  • Arsenic free
  • PVC free
  • ROHS compliant
Power option Wired 24VAC
Power consumption > 3.5VA
  • 3 radios – 915MHZ
  • wi-fi or ZigBee (via expansion slot)
  • 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4 GHz
  • Encrypt by WEP 64, WEP 128, WPA, WPA2 and 168 bit SSL encryption
  • DHCP (dynamic) or static IP addressing
Storage •  -31° to 113°F (-35° to 45°C)

•   5% to 95% RH (Non-Condensing)

Languages English
Display 3.5” full-color LCD touch screen 320 x 480-pixel display
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The disadvantage of Ecobee:

  • Not have smart learn capability in it.
  • You have to instruct temperature every time to the thermostat.


Highlights of Nest:

  • Faster and easy installation.
  • Automatic inbuilt program settings.
  • Automatic energy saving settings available.
  • Remote operation control via App.
  • Sensor used (Humidity sensor, Thermostat proximity sensor, Occupancy sensor)


It takes just a few minutes to get install, after that it will analyze your home and your living style and start programming automatically according to you comfort. It saves the temperature which you like for your comfort.

Remote Accessibility control:

Similar like ecobee3, Nest is also able to control remotely from anywhere in the world by using an app. The app that is available for both iPhone as well as Android.


It is compatible with Wi-Fi and iPhone Smart Home hubs. It does not work out in Bluetooth or “Apple Home Kit”.

Available Languages:

You can change the language whatever you want in the below list:

  1. Spanish
  2. English (US)
  3. English (UK)
  4. French (CA)
  5. French (FR)
  6. Dutch
  7. Italian

Here comes with the full advantages of Nest Thermostat.

Features Nest Thermostat
Sensor used ambient light, humidity, temperature
Dimensions 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.2 inches
Weight 8.61 oz
Colors Available White, Black, Stainless Steel, Copper
Memory 512MB

lithium-ion battery (Reusable)

Power consumption

> 1 kWh/month

  • Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Nest app for both iOS or Android

Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz, 802.11a/n 5GHz

  • 50MB/week upload
  • 50MB/week download (Approximated)
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Disadvantage of Nest

  • No open API available.
  • Not have good effects for a larger room.
  • It has single central device

Honeywell Lyric

Highlights and Advantages of Honeywell Lyric:

  • Easy Installation.
  • It detects your way before you go close to your home via geofencing.
  • Little expense.
  • Easy to control through smartphones.
  • It gives a report of weather and humidity inside.
Lyric Installation, look and feel:

Like Nest, Lyric is also easy to install. It has 1.4-inch display size and uses both wired or battery.

Technology Used:

It uses geofencing technology that helps to identify your geographical area and at a particular distance before you reach home it starts to set the temperature of your home depends on your setting.


It can be used only in DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) enabled router.

Disadvantages of Honeywell Lyric:

  • It does not support all type of routers.
  • The lyric which made plastic gives poor look and feel like a cheap product.
  • No portals available in a web to control it manually.

The tabular column shows below compare the three product and provide the best one for your home.

Features Ecobee3 Nest Honeywell Lyric
Price CBC show=”y” country=”in”]Check Availability   [/CBC]Check Availability CBC show=”y” country=”in”]Check Availability  [/CBC]Check Availability CBC show=”y” country=”in”]Check Availability  [/CBC]Check Availability
Remote Access Y
Display size 3.5 inches 1.8 inches 1.4 inches
Power saving (%) 23 20 change
Installation Little effort needed Easy and fast fast
Wi-Fi Y Y Y
IQ Management Y
Notification & Remainder Y
Historical data 15 months 10 months
Mobile App Y Y Y
Ventilator control Y Y
Sensors used
  •  Humidity
  • Thermostat proximity
  • Occupancy
  • Humidity
  • Thermostat proximity
  • Occupancy
  • Humidity
  • Thermostat proximity


Power options Wired Wired or Battery Wired or Battery
Touch screen Y
Self-programming Y Y
Protocols used HTTPS, SSL and 128-bit encryption WEP, WPA2, SSL
Automatic software updates Y Y Y
C wire Optional Power extender used Optional

This shows you clearly that Ecobee wins the race. But you can choose your thermostat according to your budget and needs. Get the reviews of best Sprinkler for the garden. Save power. Save money :):):)

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